Syncs in Service


Consciously creating music that helps us live in greater harmony with ourselves, each other and the earth and syncing this music with conscious businesses, b-corps and brands to promote products and services that do the same. 

Welcome to Syncs in Service of LIFE

This is a vision, an experiment and example of what may be possible, 
to express our gifts and co-create a wellbeing economy in service of the whole.

During my career in music my body-mind-heart contracted at the mainstream model of syncing sacred creations to sell products/services that exploit people and planet. 

Consciously creating music in service of LIFE feels expansive and resonates with my deepest aspirations, values and vision to co-create a new, more harmonious word.

In September 2024 wondrousound will release a new album, ”We Are Capable” and seek to:

a) Collaborate with producers to adapt these sounds for sync and create a Sync Library in Service of Life

b) Collaborate with sync agents to find suitable partnerships to unfold this vision

c) Benefit all beings