Awakening Harmony In Ourselves + The World

We all have a unique song to sing as ‘flowers in the garden of humanity’ [Thich Nhat Hanh], gifts and talents that can be shared in a way that serves our own well-being as well as the collective and the evolution of an equitable, sustainable society in harmony with the earth. 

As we glimpse beyond the exploitative structures presented to us by mainstream society we may feel hope or hopelessness, held back by a life of social conditioning, fear and external pressure to continue the model and ignore the callings of our heart.

Through [online] mindfulness, sound meditation, workshops + retreats we relax deeply into the present moment, restore harmony within and build your capacity to stay in tune, action new ideas and co-create in greater harmony with others.

I facilitate a process of meditation, healing + empowerment:

[Self] Advocacy

Develop the art of self awareness, self care + self advocacy to help you live in harmony with your inner sound + communicate it clearly with confidence + love.

[Self] Expression

Develop the art of self awareness, self care + self expression to help you get in tune with the callings of your heart + action new ideas boldly in the world.


Co-create in greater harmony with others through shared values, aligned vision, complimentary gifts, healthy boundaries + great compassion.

This work supports individuals, communities + organisations ready to contribute to a new harmonious world from the inside out

The Golden Age by wondrousound

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